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PKA Lift removal


Sometimes a lift or escalator needs to be removed. It could be an old model – one that’s no longer in line with modern safety standards. Or it could be breaking down all the time, losing you money through frequent repairs and maintenance in the process. If it does need removing, then a professional service is required. PKA Installation & Removal Services in Keighley can provide it, no matter where you are in the UK.

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Inside a lift, Elevator stainless steel mirror

An all-in-one removal service for your lift or escalator

PKA Installation & Removal Services provide a complete removal service for lifts and escalators. We promise a quick, clean and safe process – one that incorporates every aspect of the work, from decommissioning to outright disposal. Transportation and cranage is incorporated into the service if needed. Which means that any obstacle – whether it’s the accessibility of your site or the nature of the location itself – can be circumvented. Both large and small models can be removed. And as a 24/7 service, we can carry out the work whenever it’s suitable for you and your business.

Modern escalator

24 years of escalator engineering experience

It means we’ve a long and successful record of removing lifts and escalators, not just in the UK but also across Europe. All work is completed in line with applicable legislation as well as health and safety standards. Full risk assessments and method statements are provided. Such is our commitment to health and safety, we carry out all removals in association with Deonero, who are recognised health and safety consultants. You’re in the right hands with PKA.

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Underground subway escalator

Why opt for our professional removal service?

Complete removal service (including disposal)

Any sized lift or escalator

24/7 availability

Risk assessments and method statements provided

Partnered with established health and safety consultants

24 years in the industry

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For a free quote on the removal of a lift or escalator, call or message PKA Installation & Removal Services on 01535 669454

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