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Escalators in modern building


Escalators are a great way to break up foot traffic congestion and keep people moving. Especially in busy environments like transport hubs and shopping centres. But an installation requires expertise. Planning. Coordination. Not to mention the ability to customise the escalator to the intended space. And due care when it comes to health and safety too. PKA Installation & Removal Services can provide that service for you.

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Young woman looking at her phone and using an escalator

A safe, professional and convenient escalator installation

Our escalator engineers at PKA provide a complete end-to-end installation service. A quote is provided with every prospective enquiry. And if transportation or cranage equipment is need, we’ll factor that into the quote too.


Worried about the disruption? Or the health and safety implications? You needn’t be.


We always keep disruption to a minimum. And we even work outside of normal business hours to meet that obligation. All work is completed in liaison with Alcumus, who are professional health and safety consultants. Your installation is in safe hands with PKA.

Modern escalator

Experienced and trained escalator engineers

We’ve been specialists in this industry now for over 15 years. Our engineers are fully trained, but keep updating and improving their skills through additional in-house or off-site training programmes.


As a trusted team of engineers, we’ve been selected to carry out work not only throughout the UK, but also across Europe too. Past projects have involved installations, repairs and removals in shopping centres, underground stations, transport hubs and retail outlets. You can trust us to provide the right escalator system for your business.

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Stainless steel escalator

Why opt for our escalator installation service?

Comprehensive installation service

Resources factored into final quote

Minimal disruption

Fully trained engineers

Expansive portfolio both in the UK and in Europe

15 years in the industry

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For a quote on the installation of a new escalator for your business, contact PKA Installation & Removal Services on 01535 669454

You can also reach us by completing this form 

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